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Clicker Training: Clicking Your Way To Effective Housetraining

To give you an idea first of just how effective this 'clicker training' is, this method has been used to train and instill obedience on many different animals including cats, bears, lions, and over a hundred other species. And this is not just some quack method developed by an excited dog enthusiast. The clicker training method has been developed by psychologists and is backed by many behavioral and psychological principles. So there is really no reason to doubt this method. It works.

Now to get on to the chase, clicker training uses a small noise-making device called a 'clicker' to train your dog to obey certain verbal and signal commands such as sit, come, stand, down, and stay. The dog associates the 'clicking' sound with 'job well done' which encourages the dog to obey their trainer's command. But in order for this method to work, the 'click' must be enticing for the dog. Your dog will not really be encouraged to obey a certain command just to hear a click right? You dog must understand that the 'clicking sound' is always followed by a treat.

This means that the earliest stages of clicker training focuses on teaching the dog that the click is always followed by a treat. This usually spans about one to two days. What you will need to do is to use the clicker to produce a 'clicking sound' and immediately follow it up by giving the dog a nice treat. And to teach your dog to respond to this signal every time, make sure that you click on times when your dog is busy with something else.

Then you will have to patiently do this over and over again for about 15 to 20 times per training session. If you do this correctly, the dog will soon learn that a 'click' means a treat is coming. You can tell that you have achieved this goal if your dog becomes excited and leaves whatever it is that he is doing after hearing you use the clicker. From this point on, your dog will be willing to do anything just to hear that clicking sound again. He will no longer just be patiently waiting for the click. Your dog will now be willing to obey any command to earn himself a click.

After that you have achieved this, incorporate command training with clicker training. With the 'sit' command for example, make your dog understand that by doing act of 'sitting' after the verbal command 'sit', or any other equivalent signal command, he will earn a click. Remember that the goal here is to make your dog want to hear the 'click', so he will do everything and follow your command just so he will hear the click again.

But you must remember that clicker training is only a bridge used to connect 'command' with 'reward'. It is only used during the earliest stages of command training and will soon have to be discarded. Later, you dog will learn that simply doing the command will earn him the treat, instead of the command earning him a click which is followed by a treat. After this rigorous and yet very rewarding training, you can already have your dog obey commands without the use of a clicker.

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