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Clicker Training: Using Clicker Training In Dog Potty Training

Most people think that clicker training is only used in teaching your dog to obey the regular verbal and signal commands like sit, walk, come, and stay. But once that your dog is already familiar with the clicker device and how it works, you can also incorporate it to the more complicated training stuff like potty training your dog.

But because potty training your dog with the use of a clicker can be quite complicated especially to beginners and inexperienced dog owners, here is simplified step-by-step guide to potty training your dog that is easy to follow.

Step One: Mental Conditioning: Click Means Treat
Of course, a simple clicking sound will mean absolutely nothing to a dog, but if he is conditioned to believe that each click will be followed by a delicious treat, then he will look forward to it and even attempt to earn a click. To teach this to your dog, sound a click with your clicker and immediately follow it up by giving the dog a treat. By doing this 15 to 20 times per training session, he will soon realize the link between the click and the treat.
Step Two: Knowing When He Is Ready
For the next step, you have to know when your dog is ready to eliminate. You cannot dictate this to your dog because this is a bodily function and it has its own time. So during this face, you will need to devote time observing your dog closely throughout the day. When he starts showing signs that he wants to defecate, immediately take him to his designated eliminating spot.
Step Three: Associating The 'Click' With 'Job Well Done'
Let nature do the rest and wait until your dog defecates on his designated spot. Even if your dog is hesitant at first, his will soon give in to the urge to eliminate. This may take a while so just be patient. Now when your dog does this correctly, immediately sound a click which he will recognize as 'job well done'. And because he knows that each click is followed by a treat, he will be encouraged to defecate again on the same spot.
Step Four: Eliminating Factors That Leads To Failure
Although your dog's potty training and clicker training may be perfectly executed, there are other factors that could get in the way of successful results. Like for example, if you take your dog immediately back inside after defecating, he will associate defecating with 'return inside the house'. Also, in the first stages of the training, your dog might be uncomfortable having too many eyes watching him, so give him some privacy.
Step Five: The Right Punishment
Inflicting pain, shouting, or threatening is never an effective way to punish your dog. Rather, you can use his natural characteristics as a dog to teach him a lesson. Remember that dogs are social animals, and in nature, they live in packs. So the best way to punish him is by temporarily casting him out from your pack (family). You can send the message by ignoring him and not giving him attention for a while. If you do this, he will soon realize that he just did something undesirable to the pack.

Now that sounds a lot more simple right? Potty training with the use of clicker training does not have to be as complicated as rocket science. Just follow this step-by-step guide correctly and your dog will learn to defecate at the right place in no time.

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