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Obedience Training for Your Dog Starts With Training You

You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself. You may find this surprising but this concept also applies with obedience training for your dog. A lot of people do not realize this though. Be one of the better dog trainers and learn how to make yourself the pack leader that your dog looks up to.

Training your dog requires a lot of dedication and hard work. In other words, you have to be committed even before you start the program. Once you start you have to see this to the end. You cannot afford stop in the middle of it all. This will only confuse your dog and ruin your chances at success.

Consistency is the key towards a successful completion of any dog training program. You have to be vigilant enough to correct your dog every time he misbehaves. Not doing so will only make him take you less seriously. You do not want this happening do you? Teach him the rules and do not change them.

Dog training also requires a lot of time on your part. Do not expect your dog to understand the basic commands right away. Even the most intelligent dog breeds take time in mastering these techniques. Make the most out of every training session with your dog. Focus on one command per session to avoid confusing him. Before starting a new lesson, make sure that he has already mastered the previous one.

You have to understand that dogs do not think in the same way humans do. Your dog may have difficulty in adjusting to the obedience training program especially in its initial stages. He might try to do other things or even avoid it completely. When this happens, having a lot of patience works in your favor. It also lessens the amount of stress you have to deal with.

Compliment this patience with understanding. You may think your dog is causing problems but in his mind he is just having some fun. Barking, digging and running around are just some of the things he does to ass the time. This is not to say though that you should tolerate these often unruly behaviors.

Consider your dog's needs such as exercise, companionship, play time and most importantly, attention and care. See to it that he meets all his needs before you start blaming him.

When your dog does the right thing, do not forget to show him that you appreciate this. Dogs often pick up on this and when they do, they will want to please you more. Show that you respect your dog's efforts and he will more likely take his training seriously.

No matter how much planning you do, you can bet that something will always go wrong. Do yourself a favor and do not think about it too much. It is perfectly reasonable to be frustrated at times but try to go easy on yourself. Also, do not be discouraged every time you hit a snag.

Obedience training requires preparation on your part as well. Remember these things and you should do just fine.

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