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Obedience Training: The 'Come' Command

Among the variety of action commands that your dog can learn, the 'come' trick is one of the most important. Although it may seem to most that this trick is rather simple and not majorly important, that is very much not the case. This trick has many practical applications which will be useful in many situations. So in every obedience training, the 'come' command must neither be underestimated nor ignored.

For starters, this command calls the attention of your dog to approach you. Its applications include recalling your dog when he starts to stray too far from you which is especially useful in public places. Also, when your dog goes out of your sight, simply shouting this command will make him return to you if he has not gone too far yet.

This also saves you the trouble of looking for your dog inside a large house when it is time for his meal. Simply giving the command will make him come to you. Also, when your dog starts to behave undesirably, like messing up things, reaching for food, and playing too much with kids, you can easily stop him by recalling him.

So how do you train your dog this simple and yet useful trick? First, you need a training place. It is advisable to start indoors. Immediately introducing your dog to the outside world for this kind of training can be dangerous. Your dog is not yet tamed to stick around with you no matter what and he could run off.

Start with a short distance, probably a meter or so. Recall your dog by opening up your arms inviting him to a hug. Call his name affectionately and make sure that you sound delighted and excited to have him. Although your dog cannot understand your language, he can pretty much tell from your tone if you are happy or not. A dog will not want to come to a boring and gloomy person.

Then gradually, increase the distance between you and your dog. Make him get used to responding to the recall command from different distances. Also, make sure that each time he obeys your command you will reward him with a loving embrace or enthusiastic petting. Make sure that he feels you are pleased with his accomplishment. This way, he will not hesitate to respond to your recall each and every time. You can also use dog treat foods as a reward, and if you want, you can also incorporate this training with clicker training.

Now that your dog has mastered this type of obedience training indoors, it is time to take things to the bigger world. But try to do this slowly. In the beginning, use collar and leash to prevent your dog from running off. Make sure that the leash is long enough to give your dog freedom of movement. You can also use this to encourage your dog to come to you by slightly pulling the rope over.

But this training does not have to be a textbook performance. Each dog has an individuality of their own. Make this training suit your dog's personality accordingly, and most importantly, make this obedience training fun for your dog.

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