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Obedience Training Mistakes

So you have started obedience training your dog? Good for you. Most people do not realize it but there are some quite common mistakes when it comes to dog training. Are you sure you are not one of these people? Read and find out these mistakes so you can avoid making them.

Expecting too much
Your dog may be intelligent but that does not necessarily make him a genius. Keep in mind that dogs have a different learning curve from humans. Higher expectations usually result to bigger disappointments. Be more realistic in your expectations and try to give as much leeway as possible.
Giving too much rewards
While giving rewards and treats to your dog every time he follows a command is good, doing this too much is not. This is good for reinforcing positive behavior but only when done properly.

However, if you spoil your dog too much he will only respond when you have treat on hand. Keep the rewards giving to a minimum and give him a pat on the head instead. At least you are sure that you can give this any time he wants.
Not being consistent
Being consistent works in your favor by showing your dog that you really are serious about obedience training. This sincerity and commitment to the training program is usually enough to get his act together. Your dog is now motivated more than ever.
Shouting at your dog
Several dog owners make the mistake of shouting at their dogs all the time. The truth is you are not really doing yourself any good. This will not get you far in dog training. Do not punish him either. This is will only lead him into thinking that he is only being called to be punished.
Too little time to spare
As with everything, you have to make time for training your dog. Keep in mind that this is an on-going commitment you have to see to the end. Not doing so will only put everything you have accomplished to waste.
Not starting early
Most dog owners choose to put off dog training until their dogs mature into adulthood. On the contrary, you should be starting as young as possible. Puppies are already in a "learning mode" and it is best to take advantage of this. Also, bad habits are more difficult to correct once it is formed usually when the puppy grows up.
Turing it into a guessing game
Perhaps the biggest mistake of most dog trainers is not doing their homework. Some just need more information while some are totally clueless with what they are doing. In this set-up, failure is inevitable. Of course finding the right kinds of information is the best way to get around this problem.

These are just some of the most common mistakes dog trainers make. Now that you know them it is easier to avoid them altogether. Get the best results out of obedience training by doing things the right way.

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