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Obedience Training: The 'Sit' Command

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the easiest things to do in obedience training. When properly taught, it can keep your dog from harm's way. It is also useful in getting your dog's attention.

The most common methods to teach your dog to sit are the hands-on and hands-off methods. Each has its own pros and cons. Use whichever works best for your dog.

The hands-on method requires a more applied approach. Stand next to your dog before starting. As you move your hand upwards, tell your dog to 'sit'. Pull his collar back as you push down on his hindquarters gently. When your dog sits, do not forget to pat him on the head or give a reward.

Getting your dog to sit is easy because it is a natural action. However, getting him to sit on command is another story. Make sure that your dog understands that he must obey the command with the trigger word 'sit'. Practice this multiple times with each session lasting five to ten minutes.

The hands-off method on the other hand is ideal for dogs that are a bit nervous. This also works for people who cannot reach and bend down. It follows the same procedure as the hands-on one. However, this method uses the promise of a treat to coach your dog to sit down.

Make a slow sweep over your dog's head with treat in hand. He is bound to catch its smell and try to catch it. Keep going until he sits by himself. As soon as he does, praise him for sitting and give him the treat.

Both methods are useful for obedience training. Teaching the sit command does not require any special tools or in-depth knowledge. Both methods require a collar and leash and some dog treats though. The good news is that these are readily available and can be bought at just about any pet store.

Whichever method you use, it is best not to push down your dog and force him to sit. Doing so runs the risk of him associating this action with the actual sitting down. You want him to do this on his own when given the command. Alternatively, you can choose to just watch her and give praise every time she sits o her own.

When your dog has mastered this command, he is likely to keep this skill all throughout his life. You are no longer obliged to give him a treat although it is advisable to reward him by giving a calming massage or pat on the head.

The sit command is often used in conjunction with other basic commands. It is required to teach your dog to stay and lie down. It is also a means of controlling your dog by making him more responsive to you.

Having your dog sit on command is an important aspect of obedience training. You may find it difficult to teach but the benefits outweigh the hardships in the long run.

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